Well, the shop page is fighting me tooth and nail, so here's the current deal:

         Want to build one of my projects?
         Too lazy to ferric chloride etch circuit boards?
         Feel like sending me money?

If the & of these questions is a resounding "yes" my board overruns may be of interest to you. Cut from the margins of larger panels I've run, I have a few leftover project boards in various states of completeness. Private message me to buy them for {dollars} via check, and have them shipped via first class mail to wherever you choose. Bare boards come with a parts list, a schematic, two sides of green soldermask, one of white silkscreen, and neither a warranty or my own liability. Currently available are:

7x soFly fully assembled (sans frequency setting capacitors) { 12 }
5x uFreq V1.0 fully assembled { 8 }
6x HV5812 breakout boards, bare boards { 5 }
2x QCIoR bare boards { 5 }
6x uFreq V2.0 bare boards { 5 }
2x HV5812 to IV-22 display drivers, bare boards { 10 }
24x surface mount fast triggers bare boards (article to follow) { 3 }
8x surface mount fast triggers with PTH pots, bare boards (article to follow) { 3 }
2x chronodot fully assembled (minus LED, current limiting resistor, frequency pot) { 6 }