Shop moves are always a pain.

Physical shops, that is. I'm just finishing up moving shop to my new base of operations, so my projects are all paused momentarily. There will, however, be an update soon, as my Edgerton Night Light MK.II project is almost mature. The theme for this project is: "I was so preoccupied with whether or not I could put those features in, I didn't stop to think about whether or not I should. Just like many of my other projects.


Prints can be done. Prices for prints will vary based on how you want them made, so there's no point in me posting a price list here. If you see something you want, email me, I'd be happy to work with you.

If you want to license a digital file for personal or widespread use, this can be done. All images on the site were shot with a 16MP Nikon D7000, or more recently, a 36MP Nikon D810. The CMS seriously crunches them quality wise, so the images you get will be poster quality at the very least.

If you want to buy an analog print or, heaven forbid, buy a print and a struck out negative, let's also talk, but in lower voices. Analog prints are a (very rewarding) pain, but if you like one of my film shots so much you want it in silver, or to end the edition permanently, who am I to stand in your way? I'm sure this will be more relevant when I start posting my analog prints, but I'll just leave this here for now.


Well, the shop page is fighting me tooth and nail, so here's the current deal:

         Want to build one of my projects?
         Too lazy to ferric chloride etch circuit boards?
         Feel like sending me money?

If the & of these questions is a resounding "yes" my board overruns may be of interest to you. Cut from the margins of larger panels I've run, I have a few leftover project boards in various states of completeness. Private message me to buy them for {dollars} via check, and have them shipped via first class mail to wherever you choose. Bare boards come with a parts list, a schematic, two sides of green soldermask, one of white silkscreen, and neither a warranty or my own liability. Currently available are:

7x soFly fully assembled (sans frequency setting capacitors) { 12 }
5x uFreq V1.0 fully assembled { 8 }
6x HV5812 breakout boards, bare boards { 5 }
2x QCIoR bare boards { 5 }
6x uFreq V2.0 bare boards { 5 }
2x HV5812 to IV-22 display drivers, bare boards { 10 }
24x surface mount fast triggers bare boards (article to follow) { 3 }
8x surface mount fast triggers with PTH pots, bare boards (article to follow) { 3 }
2x chronodot fully assembled (minus LED, current limiting resistor, frequency pot) { 6 }