Gibbon Falls I
Gibbon Falls II
American Gothic, Bison Edition
Hayden Valley
Upper Falls of Yellowstone I
Upper Falls of Yellowstone II
Tasty Stick
Hydrothermal Formation I
Hydrothermal Formation II
Hydrothermal Formation III
Morning Glory Pool
Hydrothermal Formation IV
Hydrothermal Formation V
 This picture really gave me one of my biggest surprises so far, as far as camera resolution is concerned. If you zoom in enough on the original image, you can see me, pixellated, along with the landscape around me, reflected in the chipmunk's eye. 
_DSC8141 - Crop.jpg
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone I
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone II
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone III
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone IV
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone V
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone VI
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone VII
It's Not Going to Cross the River.
Okay, so Maybe it Will Cross.
Mammoth Hot Springs I
Mammoth Hot Springs II
Mammoth Hot Springs III
Mammoth Hot Springs IV
Abyss Pool
Black Pool I
Black Pool II
Continental Divide at Isa Lake
Beauty Pool
Firehole River I
Firehole River II
Beautiful Dyke
Firehole River III
Firehole River IV
Firehole River V
Firehole River Rocks I
Firehole River Rocks II
Firehole River Rocks III
You Lookin' at Me?
 I think the blur caused by the rotation of the ground relative to the bison head really helped out here. Moral of the story: shoot out of moving car windows.
 43.650965, -110.707901
Night on Jacson Lake I
Night on Jacson Lake II
Night on Jacson Lake III
Arizona Island Picnic Area
River Rocks
Fence on the Range
Flowers of the Craters of the Moon
Lava Cave!
Lava Cave II
Lava Tube I
Lava Tube II
Scorpion I
Scorpion II
Sky over Bruneau Dunes I
Sky over Bruneau Dunes II
Sky over Bruneau Dunes III
Sky over Bruneau Dunes IV
Sky over Bruneau Dunes V
Moonrise over Bruneau Dunes
Sky over Bruneau Dunes VI
Sky over Bruneau Dunes VII
Sky over Bruneau Dunes VIII
Sky over Bruneau Dunes IX
Sky over Bruneau Dunes X
Yours Truly, Yellowstone 16
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