Yours Truly, ID 14
Random Road Stop
Snake River: Hansen Bridge
Sagebrush I
Shoeshone Falls Pan
Shoshone Falls I
Shoshone Falls II
Shoshone Falls III
Sagebrush II
Cliffs At Hagerman
Negative Space
Overlook From Bogus I
Overlook From Bogus II
Garden Finds I
Garden Finds II
Standing Waves
Stick In The Pond
Bruneau Dunes I
Bruneau Dunes II
Bruneau Dunes III
Bruneau Dunes IV
Raptor Ridge
Rapids I
Rapids II
Rapids III
Yours Truly, McCall Lake, ID, 14
McCall Flowers
Brownlee Rd. Bridge over the Payette
Out the Window I
Campfire I
Campfire II
River Rocks I
River Rocks II
River Rocks III
River Rocks IV
River Rocks V
River Rocks VI
River Rocks VII
City of Rocks.
Stop the Car.
Out the Window II
Pix Or It Didn't Happen
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