Washed Up I
Sting Ray I
Sting Ray II
Snacktime I
Snacktime II
Great Blue Heron FL-13-01
Great Blue Heron FL-13-02
Snowy Egret FL-13-01
Anole FL-13-01
Anole FL-13-02
Spiny Orb Weaver
Lunch I
Lunch II
Lunch III
Lunch IV
 For this shot I went out at night, having scoped out a few candidate vines earlier in the day, and shot with an SB-910 off camera, and physically behind the subject. by using a hotshoe extension cable, I was able to fire the flash from off camera in a way that did not illuminate the wall of vines two feet behind this specimen. Mosquitoes constantly a problem.
Mirror I
Mirror II
Palm/Sky I
Palm/Sky II
Plant Texture I
Sand Formation
Sunset FL-13-01
Sunset FL-13-02
Sunset FL-13-03
Water Texture I
Water Texture II
Water Texture III
Water Texture IV
Sand Texture I
Water Texture V
Water Texture VI
Washed Up II
Water Texture VII
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